Installing sn8ke

Sn8ke is an open source game for DAVEGA X that you can impress your friends with. :)

The game demonstrates DAVEGA capabilities of running a custom code and showcases some of the DAVEGA APIs. The sn8ke code is available on GitHub.


You will need the DAVEGA firmware v5.03 or later.

If you are not at v5.x yet, please see the v5 installation guide.

Download and extract the It contains 3 files —,, sn8ke.pic.


Hold the up and down buttons simultaneously while the DAVEGA is booting up to enter the WebREPL mode. DAVEGA creates a WiFi access point and prints its name on the display.

WebREPL mode

Before you connect to the AP, load the WebREPL client in your web browser. Make sure you open the client via HTTP and not via HTTPS. If you get the "not secure" warning, that's actually what you want in this specific case. You won't be transferring any sensitive data so don't worry.

WebREPL client

Connecting to DAVEGA

Connect to the DAVEGA WiFi access point. (Note that you will no longer have Internet access after connecting.)

Connect to DAVEGA WiFi AP

Go to the WebREPL client and click on "Connect".

You will be asked for a password, which is agevad (davega reversed).

Connect to WebREPL

Copying sn8ke files

Using the "Send a file" widget on the right hand side of the WebREPL client, send the 3 files that you extracted before —,, sn8ke.pic. Only one file can be sent at a time.

Send files

To verify that the files were copied successfully you can type the following to the terminal:

import os

The listing should contain all 3 files you just copied.

List files

Starting sn8ke

To start the sn8ke, hold the down (left) button while the DAVEGA is booting up.

Have fun!

If you know at least a little bit of Python programming, feel free to experiment with the sn8ke code. Should you cause an error, you can always re-enter the WebREPL mode and re-send the original file or delete the faulty file(s) (see below).

Uninstalling sn8ke

Connect to the WebREPL as described above and type:

import os