Frequently Asked Questions

The most common cause is an incorrect UART configuration on the VESC. Make sure that you have the following set up in the VESC Tool:

  • App Settings > General > App to Use: PPM and UART
  • App Settings > UART > Baudrate: 115200 bps

Another reason may be that the cable is not correctly connected. Swapping RX/TX wires is a common mistake. The wires should be connected as follows:

Connecting to VESC

Some DAVEGA v1.0 units occasionally restart when connecting to WiFi. This problem is fixed in v1.1.

One major difference is that v1.0 takes 5V input whereas v1.1 takes 3.3V. It's critical that the v1.1 doesn't get accidentally connected to 5V since that would destroy it.

There are two types of memory errors you can get on DAVEGA X — recoverable and non-recoverable.

A recoverable memory error is typically encountered when upgrading the firmware. The error message ends with "will restart and try again", which is exactly what's going to happen. Just press any button and let the device restart. After the boot up, the firmware update will be re-attempted and will very likely succeed without further errors.

Non-recoverable memory errors may occasionally happen when changing the settings in the menu. The error message will contain the "MemoryError" keyword and will give you the stack trace. The workaround here is to restart the DAVEGA and hold the middle button while it's booting up. This will take you directly to the menu with more memory available. You should then be able to finish whatever you were trying to do without getting an error.

We're actively working on mitigating the memory errors. Since the DAVEGA X FW v2.0.0, the non-recoverable memory errors should no longer happen. The recoverable errors may still be encountered. This will be fixed in future updates.

A typical scenario when this happens is if you upgrade from a v1.x firmware to 2.x without updating the bootloader to 2.0 first. Please remember that the major version of the bootloader and the firmware must always agree.

The simplest fix is to switch back to the previous firmware version. To do that, restart the device and hold the down button while it's booting up.

We don't guarantee the pre-assembled DAVEGA X to be waterproof, though it should withstand minor rain.

If you want to ride in bad weather conditions, we strongly recommend that you take appropriate measures. First, you will want to double-check that the housing is well sealed. It should be but we don't have the capacity for testing each piece. In particular, make sure there's no leak around the protective glass.

A gasket between the housing and the baseplate is recommended.

Last, you will want to make sure that no water can get in from the bottom. On drop-through decks, you will likely make a good use of the flat riser by Riako.

Conformal coating on the electronics will add extra protection. Unless you happen to live in Hong Kong, you may not need to take it to extremes like Luke, though you can. :)