Smart telemetry
for VESC based

Sexy and Robust

DAVEGA X comes with a CNC machined aluminum housing that both looks great and provides a high level of protection.

Built for VESC

Compatible with all VESC based controllers including Focbox Unity. Both standard and Ackmaniac's firmware are supported.

Packed with Features

Multiple screen views, range calculation, parts lifespan tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity for firmware updates and backup, and more.

Multiple screen views

View static telemetry on multiple screens — range, overview, session, and lifetime. Once you get going, the screen automatically switches to live telemetry view that shows the riding speed or battery/motor current depending on your settings.

Automatic screen switching

Aluminum housing

Designed by Luke Richie (@LR-Designs), simple and elegant.

The baseplate is attached to the deck with truck bolts. This not only avoids drilling but it also reinforces the truck attachment. Both old school and new school patterns are supported.

Three color options are available. Choose black anodized for flawless finish that goes well with virtually any board color. Red anodized looks stunning and is highly recommended if it matches your color scheme.

You can't go wrong with raw either. The raw finish doesn't leave any doubt that the housing has been made of metal. If you can tolerate minor surface imperfections that haven't been covered with anodizing, take raw and you won't regret it. Raw aluminum is also a great option if you plan on custom anodizing.

Smart BMS integration

View individual cell voltages, charge current, or cell balancing details with a compatible smart BMS. Integrations are currently built for DieBieMS and FlexiBMS.

Visualization of the cell voltages makes it easy to see which cells are out of balance. Yellow bars indicate the cells being balanced.

BMS screen

Built-in menu

Change settings or update firmware without ever connecting DAVEGA X to your computer. Everything can be set up using the built-in menu.

Upgrade to the latest firmware over the Wi-Fi.

Backup your data and settings to the cloud.

Parts lifespan tracking

Isn't it time to change the bearings?

With the parts lifespan tracking, you'll know exactly how many kilometers (or miles) you have put on each of your board components.

Add new parts. Customize name and initial distance.

DAVEGA X on EVO Falcon

What people said

Mike Maner, avatar
There isn’t anything that I can say I don’t like about this device. It’s inexpensive, robust, attractive and fills a need. If you’re like me, and like the ability to have instant data, this is definitely an option to consider.

Mike Maner

DAVEGA X: Seducive Telemetry, esk8.news
First test and I have to say I really like it! Everything works like advertised and shown in the instuctional video and it's easy to setup, which is always nice. It's cool to see the stats while riding and to finally have a fancy battery % indicator. I especially like that I can switch the speed to motor or battery amps on the go. It's nice to see the live amps I draw on steep climbs etc.
Brian Crutzen (@Creavenger)
I try my best to beat the shit out of beta products. So far, DAVEGA wins. It's rock solid.
Sean Hacker (@SeanHacker)
All my boards have DAVEGAs on them.
Sean Hacker (@SeanHacker)
Roman Pasichnyk (@rpasichnyk)

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