Upgrading DAVEGA X to version 4.00

Is the upgrade worth it?

Check the CHANGELOG and decide for yourself.

Or you can just trust us. It's definitely worth it.

Note though that starting from DAVEGA v4.02 the VESC® compatibility is restricted to v3.48-v5.02. Ackmaniac's and Unity legacy firmware versions are no longer supported. If you do want to use the Ackmaniac's or Unity legacy firmware, you can still install the v4.00 and benefit from better performance and improved memory management that completely eliminates the memory errors. Just do not upgrade beyond v4.01.



Create an online data backup! (Menu > Update & Backup > Backup > backup config & data)

Download and install the CP2102 drivers for your operating system.

Get access to the USB port. Remove the DAVEGA from your board and loosen the 4 bolts holding the PCB to the housing. Then carefully lift the side of the PCB away from the buttons and plug into the microUSB port.

Getting access to USB port


Run the davegax-v4-installer and follow the instructions.

The installer will get you to v4.00. You can then upgrade to the latest firmware version from the DAVEGA: Menu > Update & Backup > Firmware.


"Your device doesn't appear to be licensed for the v4 firmware." If you get this error, please email Jan and include your device ID. He'll fix it ASAP. The check is performed before the installation.

Exporting my data failed. You have three options here.

  1. Interrupt the installation and start over.
  2. Let the installer use your online backup instead. This obviously assumes you have created the online backup.
  3. Go ahead nonetheless. If you don't care about loosing your data.

Restoring my data failed after the installation. Your data backup should be saved in a file called backup.dfs located in the same directory as your davegax-v4-installer. If you re-run the installer, it will see the backup.dfs file and skip the data export step. It will then re-attempt to restore the backup. Should this fail repeatedly, please email Jan and he will help you sort it out.

The installation failed before installing the license key. This is not necessarily a problem. DAVEGA can download its license key upon startup. It will also allow you to setup/adjust your WiFi settings prior to downloading the key.